The most successful people in the world make a habit of asking the right questions.

Need Support?
Do I have to own a business to come to the event?

Absolutely not. This event is for anyone who wants to live a limitless life and anyone willing to take the steps to get there.

Is there parking?

Yes there is parking, but it is limited. If you can carpool with friends or family you are bringing with you, all the better. If you can take public transit, that works too. If you drive yourself, there will be space, but it will be cramped.

Do I have to stay for the entire event?

No. You can leave at any time. You can come back too just as long as you have the bracelet or stamp or ticket given to you at the door to allow you back in. If you do leave, you will be able to purchase the replay of any speaker you weren't able to hear.

Will lunch be provided?

No. You will be responsible for providing your own food, however there are some great food options nearby and the lunch break will give you ample time to get some grub and find your seat again.